Cross Section of 4-Dimensional Hypercube

Geometric Tomography

"The search for truth is more precious than its possession." - Albert Einstein

The animation above is a stereoscopic illustration of the intersection (shown in thick black lines) of a 4-dimensional cube (hypercube) with a translating 3-dimensional plane (hyperplane). To see the demonstration in 3 dimensions focus on a point about half way between your eyes and the screen (between the two hypercubes). Within a few seconds a perfect 3-dimensional image will appear.

Geometric tomography is concerned with acquiring information about 3-dimensional objects from 2-dimensional information of the objects, such as their projections or sections. Soon there will be much more here. In the mean time you can read the papers below about computing the maximum area cross section and the width of a convex polyhedron. See also the links below.

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