Computational Geometry Student Projects - 1998

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucius

  1. Rachel Potvin & Sam Sanjabi: Converting Triangulations to Quadrangulations
  2. Jean-Philippe Cote & Marc-Andre Sauve: Convexifying a Simple Polygon by Pocket Flipping
  3. Claude Duchesne & Ernesto Posse: Fortress Problem
  4. Michael Bouillot & Norman Gregoire: Hausdorff Distance Between Convex Polygons
  5. Marie-Louise Gariepy& Monica Potlog: Illuminating Polygonal Rooms with Mirrors
  6. Hong Hao (Hannah) Zhang & Valeri Perepetchai: Largest Inscribed Circle in a Spherical Convex Polygon
  7. Jacob Eliosoff & Richard Unger: Minimal Spanning Circle of a Set of Points
  8. Kevin D'Aguiar & Marcus Hum: Parallel Mountain Climbers' Problem
  9. Gabriel Kevorkian & Fabien Deschodt: Reconstructing 3D Point Sets from 2D Projections
  10. Kishore Anand & Anatoly Likhatchev: Separating Objects in Space
  11. Stephen Freeland & Robin Merkel: Straightening a Simple Polygonal Linkage
  12. Francois Rivest & Stephane Zafirov: Doubling the Cube
  13. Simon Pierre Desrosiers: The Philo Line