Pattern Recognition Student Projects - 2002

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucius

  1. Polygonal Approximation Algorithm of Melkman and O'Rourke - Yousef Farasat
  2. Parameter Estimation: Bayesian Approach - Daria Gipsman
  3. The Bootstrap Method - Manuel Theberge
  4. Decision Rules based on Convex Hulls - Etienne Boutin
  5. The Use of Context in Pattern Recognition - Mallar Chakravarty
  6. Point Pattern Matching - Vincent Paquin
  7. Measuring String Similarity for String Pattern Matching  -  David Allard
  8. Decomposition of Polygons with Proximity Graphs  - Spencer Borland
  9. Converting one Binary Image into another with Pixel Swaps  - Linqiao Zhang
  10. Piece-wise Linear Classifiers - Matthew Toews
  11. Best-case Results for Nearest Neighbor Learning - Mohamed Sadou
  12. Selection of the value of Alpha in Alpha Shapes - Pavel Dimitrov
  13. Recognizing convex polygons using probes  - Vincent Levesque