Pattern Recognition Student Projects - 2004

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucius

  1. Bayes Decision Theory: Discrete Features - Rola Harmouche  and Frank Riggi
  2. Instance-Based Learning - Sumedha Ahuja and Edith Law
  3. The Best Two Independent Measurements are not the Two Best - Justin Colannino and Jeremie Juban
  4. Freeman Chain-Coding of Line Drawings - SumJunaed Sattar and Rafa Absar
  5. Nice Monotonic Parallel Projections - Jean Herbiere and Yue Yun Shu
  6. Nice Perspective Projection - Seung Hyun Park and Juan Zhang
  7. Planar Shape Recognition by Shape Morphing - Danielle Macnevin and Andrew Royes
  8. Robust Point Pattern Matching in 3D - Michel Langlois and Philippe Kunzle
  9. Decomposition of Polygons into Convex Parts - Lili Sang and Yunjun Liu
  10. The Fuzzy Hamming Distance - Marc Lanctot and Hani Ezzadeen